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Vacuum Oven

Vacuum Oven


Vacuum ovens are used to remove moisture, gas, and other possibly volatile chemicals from items while preventing reactions.


2.1      Materials of construction:

Inner Chamber and Outer Chamber and Door etc. are made Up of Stainless Steel

SS-304 OR SS-316 (On Request)

2.2       Temperature Controller:

Digitally Controlled, Advance Microprocessor based PID Controller and PT-100 RTD Sensor.

2.3       Adjustable Over Temperature Limit Control:

The Adjustable over Temperature Limit Control is completely independent of the Main Temperature Controller and guards against malfunctions which would allow temperature to rise past the Temperature Set Point. Setting adjustments for this control has been provided with the help of a knob.

2.5       Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) for Electrical Overload Protection and Voltage Supply ON/OFF.

2.6       Rotary Switch for selection of Low, Medium, High Heating of the chamber , Depending upon the required set temperature.

2.7       Settable alarm alert on reaching set point temperature or desired temperature For alarm alert.

  • Toughened glass window provided in the front door to view the inner chamber.


Vacuum Oven with double walled construction, Inner Chamber , Outer Body, Doors , all

are made up of Stainless Steel SS-304 OR SS-316 ( On Request).

Microprocessor based PID Temperature Controller with independent  Safety Feature of adjustable over Temperature Limit Control has been provided.

SS-316, Mechanical Dial type Vacuum Gauge. ( Digital Vacuum Gauge Indication quoted optionally)

Suitable Vacuum Pump to be provided by the customer ( Not in our Scope of Supply).

The unit is provided with a main MCB and suitable wirings and terminals.


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